Monday, March 14, 2011


Some people like surprises others do not. I tend to not like surprises. I like structure. I like plans. Surprises can be good or bad or even mixed. Of late, I have had a few surprises, mostly good even though they started as bad or could have led to bad.

What do you do when you receive information that is not complete? Or you receive a surprise (possibility) of life threatening news? Do you begin to worry? Do you start to pray? Do you accept things as they are, dealing with things as they come? Or, do you jump to acceptance without going through all the phases of grief? Now remember, you don't have all the information yet. You just know something is wrong. Your doctor gives you unclear information because it could be so many things and in today's day and age, they cover themselves by disclosing everything just so they don't get sued. Meanwhile, you are praying, confused, angry, accepting, denying and so many other possibilities. No matter how we react, we react in our own way.

Surprises...I can do without, unless of course it's good news.

Hope you receive some good surprises.