Saturday, December 12, 2009

One person at a time....

At this time of year, you hear so much about giving back but do we just listen or actually do something about it?
I heard a great radio story on CNN today about a principal in Vegas who had a large population of homeless kids in her school. These kids live in the blanket tents they have talked about in the news, they barely have food to eat, or clothes to wear. Some children were getting by eating catsup packets. Catsup you believe that? The principal made it her job to run a campaign year round to help these families have food, clothes and toys for birthdays or Christmas. One person at a time changing the world. That is all it takes.
Then of course you hear about the number of homeless in this country, the number of children that go to bed hungry... here in the most advanced country in the world, the number of people who can't pay their gas, their water, their mortgages. One person at a time can make a change there. Whether it's donating to a food pantry, dropping off clothes at a shelter, paying a little extra in your gas bill for those whose gas may be shut off. How about donating your time if you can't donate your money? Work with Habitat for Humanity, help at a food pantry, deliver meals through Meals on Wheels, visit an elder home and spend holiday time with a resident, adopt a pet for the holidays if you can't keep him/her (but you'll come around and start loving them so quickly, you can't turn them in after Christmas), volunteer opportunities abound!
I will be donating my time to file tax returns for low income families through the center for economic development. I have gone through my closets once and will go through them again before the holiday season is over. I have coats and shoes to give. I have my donation pile waiting until I get paid to see what little we can do. Making a change one person at a time.
It all makes me stop and think 'How lucky am I Lord...for I have a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back, light and heat in my house, a job, a supportive family'. Thank you Lord.
Not only during Thanksgiving or the Holidays should we be giving thanks but all year round.
Count your Blessings and Give Back.
One person at a time can make a difference!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copy Kat???

Ok, so many of you know that I make handmade cards and have so many I should sell some of these. I am thinking about it but not there just yet.
Anyway, anytime a SCS swap comes through, I consider it carefully for a couple of reasons. First, do I need more cards?...Always. Are the participants using high quality paper and excellent stampers (comes with time unless you are a natural (which I am not))? Do I have time???? This is usually a no. Once in a while regardless of time, I fit in a swap or two. Well, this is #2 with 2 more to go.
So, here's is the story. I read the directions to the swap and thought I understood them which in too many cases I think I do but read through the instructions so darn quick that I miss something. Boy did I miss on this one. You see, the swap was very simple. All I had to do was create a card (copy) from the Clean and Simple gallery or something similar to that and make a slight twist on that. Pretty simple, right?
Instead, I go through the process of creating a card from scratch similar to one I saw elsewhere but very detailed. Not Simple but Clean. I spent about 2 hours working on my sample card and got sooo frustrated I stopped, went back to the swap instructions and realized...."you silly fool, you are making the wrong card." "You did not follow instructions at all." Well, at this point with all my craft stuff out, I made the correct swap card. I have attached it here for you.
I have since found out that the other card I made can be used in another swap that is - Cuttlebug related with stamping. Not a loss after all...but wait that means that it would be swap #5. Ok, I think I am getting in over my head. So much fun though. :)
Here is Swap # 2 or is it #3 at this point?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Fuzzy Cozy

I love my fuzzy slippers. They are so warm and keep my feet just toasty. Sometimes I don't know I have them on since they are so cozy. I am sure you have a pair or two like these.
Well, like I said, sometimes I forget I have them on. DH wanted to take me out for dinner last night since I have been in the house for the past 2 days nursing my flu...not the piggy one. Anyway, you know where this is going, right? I got out of my fleece pjs, put on some socks, long sleeve t-shirt, followed by a warm fleece, jeans, long scarf, warm and cozy fleece hat, wool remember I don't want to get sicker. So what's missing? Hummmmm. How about some shoes that are not my fuzzy slippers. I didn't notice until we were about 1/3 of the way to the restaurant but who cares. There are too cute and cozy.
At least I didn't go out in my pjs. I have done that too at Chili's but they just didn't look like pjs.
Anyone else forget to change out of something that should only be worn at home?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

How do artists keep their Mojo?

How do artists keep going when they feel lousy? Well, I cheat...I had to make bday cards and used the punch outs from a Basic Grey kit, EXCEPT...for the last card. I have to do some work. I do not usually 'cheat' but had to get these out. See them attached.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Traditions

With Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and other holidays around the corner, I think we should create new traditions with our families, spouse, or significant others. You may already have some and if so, that's great. But for those of you (including me) who do not have one, take a little time to think about some of the things you want to do during the holiday season or year-round.
My list is rather long but I will try to accomplish these:
See the holiday windows at Marshall Field's (oh yeah, Macy's (blahhhhhh - can you tell I still don't like that takeover?), lunch in the Walnut Room, a Christmas play, holiday lights, craft shows, holiday movie with my nephews and niece, Christmas Around the World in one of our great museums, donating gently used coats, adopting a child for Christmas (gift giving to complete stranger), distributing donations of Christmas gifts from employees at my company to under-priviledge children at their school. I can think of so much more, but for now, I am focused on these.
What is on your list or your tradition (new or old)?

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Open your eyes

I think we all have a blind side.
My dh and I went to the movies this weekend and saw Blind Side. It was Awesome! It was such an inspirational movie I would pay to see it again. In fact, I would like it on DVD when it is released.
For those of you not familiar with the movie, it is about a child 'Big Mike'. His nickname is apprpriate when you see the character. He didn't like being called 'Big Mike'. His real name was Michael. Anyway, he is pretty much homeless and without parents or support. Until...Sandra Bullock's character takes him into her family home and her heart. Not only did she change his life but ....he changed hers and her family's lives.
I can't say enough good things about this film, except it is a must see. I rate it 5 stars.
Take the opportunity to open your eyes and see what is around you. Hopefully we can all find ways to make a difference in other people's lives. Just some food for thought..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Waterfall Cards

For Christmas Swap from SCS.
Waterfall Cards
  1. Flip piece is 2" X 7 1/2". Score at 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", and 3".
  2. Cut squares (3) 1 1/2 X 1 1/2" and (3) 2 X 2" and (1) 3 X 1 7/8"
  3. Cut a strip of paper to attach the flip portion to card 4 X 3/4"
  4. Take the 2 X 7 1/2 scored piece and fold on the last score at 3". All scores should be visible on top.
  5. Take the 4 X 3/4 and adhere the short edge of the folded piece 2 X 7 1/2 piece to it, centering on the smaller piece to form a T.
  6. Stamp your images on the 2 x 2 squares and mat on the 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 squares
  7. Stamp the verse on the 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 squares with the end line being stamped on the 1 7/8 X 3 piece
  8. Fold the 7 1/2 X 2 piece on the scored lines. Take the matted squares and adhere in order on the 1/2" scored sections
  9. Adhere verses to the back of the matted squares
  10. Take the T piece and center it on the background cardstock and attach each side with mini brads, eyelets, or strong tape. Mat background on to cardstock and to open card pull the flap and card will open in a flowing motion.


Although we get frazzled at times around the holidays, it is a special time to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.
  • My blessings this year include: My darling husband for without him, I wouldn't know where I would be, my great friends who support me and provide me with good advice in addition to loving me the way I am, for a supportive family who puts up with my many moods, for my brother who Always says I Love you before he gets off the phone with me, for a fabulous sister in law to be and my existing in-laws, for having a great job, for my niece and nephews who always put a smile on my face, for having a home and food, for having great doctors and I am sure many more things.
Even though Thanksgiving Day has past, during this holiday season and through out your lifetime, count your blessings and it will be amazing how many you come up with. Something I need to do more often.
  • You are more blessed than you think.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Friends

Isn't it great when you get to spend time with friends that you haven't seen in a while?  You may talk once in a while or even everyday, but it's just not the same as seeing them in person, giving them a hug, and enjoying a wonderful conversation with them.  My dh and I were blessed with this opportunity last night and had a very nice evening...catching up, hearing their stories, sharing personal and spiritual thoughts, and enjoying a fabulous dinner.

Thank you Andy and Anne for your friendship and love.  We love you back.

"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice."
- Samuel Johnston, (1709 - 1784)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Cards Begin - CC2009.01

So, with Christmas around the corner, this crafter is way behind.  With my surgeries and workload, this year I decided to only send out a few handmade cards as opposed to my typical 150.  Yep, that's right 150 handmade cards and they aren't the same any year nor do I stick with one theme, color, stamp, etc.
With that, the unveiling of the first Christmas Card creation of 2009.
For instructions, see the address below which will guide you to my SCS gallery.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

So, this is similar to my last post in that it relates to Random Acts of Kindness.
For you crafters out there, you are aware that Michael's gives you coupons at the register when you purchase something from their stores.  Usually coupons are 40% off .  Well, my friend went to one yesterday looking for craft stuff and bumped into someone, a total stranger.  They started talking and out of the blue the stranger asked her if she would like a 40% of coupon. My friend was a little uncomfortable taking away someone else's coupons but the woman insisted as she had about 6 and was offering as many as my friend would like.  She ended up taking one and saving some money off her purchase.
Random Acts of Kindness as little as they may seem, can make a difference.  It doesn't have to be money related.  Just doing something randomly for a total stranger can bring some sunshine.
Try spreading some random acts of kindness.  It feels good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too much Mojo

Ok, so weeks ago I had no creative juices flowing. You know what I am talking about. If you lost your MOJO, here's a good link attached to read and give you tips on getting it back. I did these things without reading this article and now I have too much MOJO (don't ask me how that is possible or tell me it is not possible, 'cause it is). The problem now is not enough time.
My new commitment....oh it every other day and make a card at least 2xs a week or scrapbook page. Yep, I said it and it's in writing so now you can hold me accountable. No more going 'MIA' for weeks. Shape up or ship out.
So, I have all theses cards made that I have to upload but thought boy, I also have to upload my scrapbooking pages. So much to little time.
Do you ever have too much mojo???

Artist with Big Heart

Do you ever stop and think how blessed you ways that you don't even know?  Through the kindness of one stranger, your day can change in an instant. 
This adorable card I received from a fellow SCS (splitcoaststamper) who found out from a friend of mine (unbeknown st to me), that I was needing surgery and feeling kinda mopey. I am recovering from that surgery and am having another in January. 
Anyways, a complete stranger took it upon herself to send me a thinking of you card to cheer me up on a day I really needed it. 
Thanks Nancy for the request. 
Thank you Peggy for sending the great card. I can't find you on SC but hope you find me so you get your well deserved 'Thanks'. I love it. 
This is why SCS is so great. Artists with big hearts.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Have you noticed that the English language has slowly been deteriorating?  We have had slang for a while.  We are using letters for words...BF.  Or is it BFF?.  Obviously I am not with it or cool or is it some other word that is in style now.  We say words or phrases that really don't add much, just to start or end a sentence.  Well, I thought it was interesting that ABC News Nightline had a feature on the words and phrases that annoy Americans the most.  Here is what they found.

recent poll by Marist College ranked the most annoying expressions to Americans.

The fifth most annoying is "At the end of the day." 

Number four is "Anyway." 

In third place, "It is what it is."

In second, "You know." 

And the winner of the most annoying expression among Americans: "Whatever."

Personally, I think there are at least two phrases that should be added.

"Do you know what I mean?"  and "Needless to say."

I know I am guilty of the "whatever", "anyway", and "it is what it is."  The funny part is that the "It is what it is" bothers me the most when other people say it.  Then I catch myself saying the same thing.  It's contagious.  "You know what I mean?"  "Anyway, whatever."  (Big sigh)

What expressions do you find annoying?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Screwed on Backwards

I am sure that you all have experienced a day or two or maybe more, where you have felt like your head is screwed on backwards. Well, I have been experiencing a lot of that this last week. Boy I hope it gets better. Maybe it's stress, maybe it's too much on my to do list, maybe it's old age (no I don't think it's that one).  You guys know what I mean.
You feel you have everything under control and then you get a reminder email something is due in two days.  Oh no!  You get a call from a doctor's office where you were supposed to be at 9:00 and it's now 9:15.  You thought the appointment was at 10:00.  You forget family birthdays.  You forget to take your computer to work with you and halfway there you need to turn around. We have all had these types of incidents. 
I think as women, maybe men too but I think it's a woman thing, we try and do soooo much, we lose track of things.  We don't like to ask for help. We are superwomen! Aren't you?  We are wives, mothers, daughters, friends, worker bees, and on, and on, and on.  Our to do lists seem endless.  
When do we take care of ourselves?  When do we have quiet time to read a book, do some gardening, exercise, all without interruptions?  It's like that Ellen Degeneris skit where you see a soda pop that doesn't belong where it is, so you go to take it to the kitchen.  On the way you pick up something from off the floor and take it to the laundry bin.  Then you think, hum, I should reorganize the mud room (these shoes are a mess).  Well, since I am reorganizing the mud room, maybe I should throw out what we don't need.  You find a book and go to put it in the bookshelf.  Three hours later you pass the soda can which is now in a different wrong spot.  And you start the cycle all over again.  
Ok, so off I go to create a swap, or should I do my RAKS, or maybe I should clean my art room. Hum, I think I will have breakfast first.  Gosh, I hope I remember everything I have to do.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More Critters

For those of you who don't have window wells and don't live in the way west, you may not be able to relate directly to my story but I am sure you will find this funny nonetheless.
Sunday afternoon after grocery shopping, my dh and I had went down into our basement to put things away and retrieve other items.  While down there, I heard a noise and out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move.  It was not in the basement.  Thank GOD!  It was in the window well.  I should correct that.  THEY were in the window well.  THEY were critters! :(
Where did they come from?  Well, we have a prairie behind us and I guess that's where they were originally.  I was staring at this thing trying to figure out what it was.  Nope.  What THEY were. They weren't possums, raccoons, skunks, squirrels.  What were they???  And, how do we get them out, I pondered.  
Well, animal control should be able to take care of this, I thought.  I made my call to the local pd to get the number and the police officer told me that animal control does not deal with wildlife but only dogs and cats.  WHAT?  She told me to try Department of Conservation, Department of Wildlife or a Forest Preserve.  Lots of help that was.
I called Animal Control anyways and sure enough, their recording said they only dealt with dogs and cats.  The recording also said to call back during normal business hours and they can refer you to offices that deal with other animals.  Normal business hours?? It was Sunday at 5:30 pm.  What was I supposed to do until a government agency opened on Monday, I thought.
As I was trying to come up with ideas and researching answers, my dh visits a neighbor to see what he suggested.  He comes back and says to me "The guy said he's been needing some target practice."  "NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT.  We are not killing animals.  Come up with another idea", I responded.  DH responds with, "Well, I can put a ladder down there and see if they can climb out."  At that point, I was willing to try anything so that was exactly what he did. He scared the little one but it did not move.
At that point, I got online and started doing more research as I heard the critters clawing away at the window downstairs.  Gross!  Well, I found what I thought was a government agency.  I should have known better.   What government agency is open on Sundays at 6:45 pm?  This company was privately owned and dealt with wildlife removal.  Alright, now we are getting somewhere.  Well, I didn't know that when I called they were in Indiana.  We are in Illinois.  It took them a few hours to get to us.  They removed 2 dead MUSKRATS (the little one had escaped up the ladder) and we were now critter free after paying $55 per animal dead or alive. What a business.  It only took them 5 minutes.     
Last month it was frogs.  This month was muskrats.  Those window wells covers are going on very soon.  What a Sunday.

Not Giving Up

You are probably wondering where I have been for a while.  If you haven't, well, you have missed a lot.  That will be a different post.
Today's post is about not giving up. You know what I am talking about.  We all have different goals that we say we are going to do or try, maybe it's New Year's resolutions or not.  
Some of my goals for this year were to walk/run a marathon, lose weight (like so many other millions of Americans), adopt a child, receive my an internal audit certification, and just be thankful and happy.  For me that's a lot.  Again, lots of these details I will share with you soon.
Today, I want to focus on my marathon.  Well, I may not have told you of my car accident back in August, my surgery with pins in my hand, and my physical therapy.  Due to all of this, I had to postpone my marathon and training.  However, now that my ribs are better, I have started walking on my own.  My own training before official training for the season begins.  Despite my setback, I am not giving up.
Be determined and reach for those goals!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Long Awaited Hope Still Waiting

This is the first you may have heard that my dh and I are going through the adoption process.   Yipee!  Finally a child.  Well, if you have ever gone through the process or know of anyone who has, it is a LONG process (no pun intended).  We were set on an international adoption specifically from Colombia, as that is where I am from.  Are plans have been changed by fate, destiny, God.  We were not accepted into the program for Colombia or any other Latin American country for reasons that I do not want to disclose here.  So, we have decided to go the domestic route.  Maybe we were meant to save a child here in the states.  Maybe we were meant to have a baby and enjoy that experience if only once in our lifetime.  Maybe we weren't meant to be parents of a sibling group.  Whatever the reason, this is where we are at now.  We have options and will begin to explore those options. I still hang onto my dream of being a mommy.  And, I am waiting with lots of hope.
Hoping I will hold a little creation (baby or child) of my own someday.
For you moms out there, count your blessings everyday.  No matter how frustrated or tired you may get, thank God for your precious babies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

They Miss Me :)

Yesterday I received a beautiful card signed by a group of my scrapbooking/card making friends.   The awesome part is that they all signed it that they missed me.  I have only been part of the group for a short period of time and may have attended 6 crops or so.  They don't know me forever but I open up pretty easily.  I couldn't believe it.  I have gotten emails from them too.  It's so nice to be part of a group you really truly feel like you fit in with and each care about each other.  You guys know who you are and you are AWESOME!  I love you guys.   I have to post the card when my camera is working so you should see the pic by end of week.  Great job on the card Nanc.
Create some sunshine in someone else's life!  Make it a surprise.  

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Saved 10 Lives

Yesterday, while simply relaxing and enjoying the beautiful day...all of a sudden there was an emergency we had to take care of.  It affected 9 lives.  We had to save them.  No, they weren't kitties.  No, they weren't puppies.  No, they weren't a way they were.  They were babies!  They were baby frogs.  Ribbett, ribbett, ribbett.  Maybe they were toads but nevertheless they were part of the froggy family and they had gotten lost from their home.  They somehow found themselves in the bottom of one of our window wells.  I think we found the mommy and her babies but no daddy.  My husband took a small ladder into the window well. Poor little babies were terrified.  They were jumpin' all around and did not want to be disturbed.  I grabbed a deep bucket and one by one each baby frog was saved.  My husband took them to the prairie behind us and let them loose on the rocks. jumped right into the pond.  The others were safe now back into their natural habitat.  I should have had my camera.  It was cute to see each baby frog jump out of the bucket and onto the the rocks.  What a beautiful day.  We saved 9 creations yesterday.  Today, one more was added to the bunch.
Enjoy mother nature's creations.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life awaits

Well, another summer has come and gone (almost) and I haven't learned to ride my bike.  I know it is never too late but for this summer or fall it is.  Why does it feel like every time I want to learn, something happens that prevents me from doing so??? Weird.  Such a dream waiting to come true.
With my car accident and the surgeries, I am banned from learning to ride this season.  My beautiful bike is in the garage.  I see it every day.  I see the cyclists in the neighborhood, on the paths....aaaaahhh.  How nice it would be.  
Well, I'll have to find something else I can learn to do where I won't injure my hand.  Maybe, just maybe, I will take swimming lessons this winter, but don't bet money on it.  I'm scared of swimming pools.
Don't let my setback discourage you.  Learn to do something new, take a class you have been longing to take.  Life awaits!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Love You

Today, I want to focus on not waiting to demonstrate your feelings, love, encouragement to others, especially family.   You never know what may happen and when, so appreciate what you have while you have it.  
I think just about everyone at one point or another has had a moment or two where they have been upset with a relative or parent.  How long do you hold on to that?  It does neither you nor the other person any good.  In the long run, the relationship will suffer if you don't let go. Forgiveness is so important, both spiritually, emotionally, and physically.
My father has been in the hospital for about 6 weeks now and it was touch and go for quite some time.  He is doing relatively better than he was after his surgery but it has challenged his independence.  He basically has to learn everything from to dress, undress, bathe, walk.  It is amazing what we take for granted.  A few weeks ago I didn't know, neither did he or the rest of the family, whether he was going to make it.  He was so extremely fragile.  He still is, but I see improvement.  Everyday, he is getting stronger.
Well, on one of those days when I thought he wasn't going to make it, all my disappointment, frustrations, and anger went away.  That was no longer important.  My father was important.  It didn't matter what mistakes he had made in his life; I loved him just the same and I was going to be by his bedside for anything he needed.  I did this day in and day out until I could do it no longer as it was affecting my health.
On my next visit, dad realized that I loved him so much and would be a caregiver with no squeemishity (is that a word? well it is now).  We both cried as he told me he loved me and that he was sorry for everything.  He now knew how much I loved him and the patience and tolerance I had was never-ending for him.
We often demonstrate our love in our own ways, but sometimes we need to demonstrate it in the way the other person needs to receive it.  A verbal I Love You always is nice to hear but sometimes even better to say.
Show some appreciation to a family member today.  Start a new tradition.  Say I Love You to a family member, parent, spouse everyday and mean it.  You won't have regrets later in life.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Creating for Others

One knows from daily life that one exists for other people...” Albert Einstein (1879–1955) Swiss
This quote can apply to all of us as we give unto others and make little differences unknowingly.  These small acts of kindness create happiness and bring joy into someone else's garden (life). A small token as helping someone out when they are down on their luck makes a difference.  No thank you is needed if done out of purity.
By the same token, others around us, even a total stranger can create a smile on our face by just making a kind remark, doing something silly, or creating a better world out of kindness.  Think about all the times this quote has applied to you and the times someone existed for you.
This week, let's focus on bringing joy into someone else's garden.  Create joy and happiness for someone else without an expectation of a thank you.  And, if someone creates a better world for you, let them know it.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Persevering Through Uncertain Times

“The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and the storm terrible, but they have never found those dangers sufficient reason for remaining ashore.” Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) Dutch painter 

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Blogger

As you may have read below or for those of you just tuning in, I was in a car accident on Friday.  I have lots of bruises and pain.  Turns out I also have a broken hand and will be having surgery.  I have another doctor appointment today and  I am hoping he does not find anything else wrong like chest or rib damage as I am in pain there too.   
In any case, I would like to introduce my assistant blogger, my wonderful husband.  He'll be helping me with my blog effective Saturday.  

Save Lives & Win Prizes

Easier to read donation information for Leukemia Lymphoma Society TNT. You can also check the link on the side of this blog.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


“A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”
I chose this quote today because I felt I needed it.  My failure of fear of failure at this time is not completing my marathon or falling too  far behind of my team to finish.  You see, I was in a car crash yesterday and it was pretty bad.  I am ok besides lots of bruises, swelling and pain.  It could have been worse.  Thank God for seatbelts, airbags, and OnStar.
My coach and my husband will be working with me to catch up with the team but it will be a long road. I just need to keep the faith and keep positive.  I waited this long to make this creation (my participation in the race) happen so I must keep my determination.
You can do just about anything if you want it badly enough.  Keep the faith!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Something To Think About

"Each day when I awake I know I have one more day to make a difference in someone's life."
James Mann (b.  1946), writer

Friday, August 7, 2009


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if possible $150.00 for a chance to win a $200.00 spa gift certificate
More Good News: For every $25 you donate, your name will automatically be entered in a raffle to win a new and engraved iPod Shuffle with VoiceOver.

Double Your Chances of Winning: Donate $50 and your name will be entered twice in the raffle. Donate $100 and your name will be entered four times! Raffle drawing takes place September 19th. Prizes will vary.  Winners will be notified within one week of drawing. Please be sure to include contact info when donating. If you prefer to donate offline, please contact me via e-mail. 
When to donate:  Now.  Donations need to be in by September 30th for recommitment date.  Donations need to be in earlier if you are participating in the drawings.
Thanks for your support!  I greatly appreciate your generosity.  Check out my website (attached) periodically for updates and pictures.