Sunday, November 29, 2009

Open your eyes

I think we all have a blind side.
My dh and I went to the movies this weekend and saw Blind Side. It was Awesome! It was such an inspirational movie I would pay to see it again. In fact, I would like it on DVD when it is released.
For those of you not familiar with the movie, it is about a child 'Big Mike'. His nickname is apprpriate when you see the character. He didn't like being called 'Big Mike'. His real name was Michael. Anyway, he is pretty much homeless and without parents or support. Until...Sandra Bullock's character takes him into her family home and her heart. Not only did she change his life but ....he changed hers and her family's lives.
I can't say enough good things about this film, except it is a must see. I rate it 5 stars.
Take the opportunity to open your eyes and see what is around you. Hopefully we can all find ways to make a difference in other people's lives. Just some food for thought..

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Waterfall Cards

For Christmas Swap from SCS.
Waterfall Cards
  1. Flip piece is 2" X 7 1/2". Score at 1 1/2", 2", 2 1/2", and 3".
  2. Cut squares (3) 1 1/2 X 1 1/2" and (3) 2 X 2" and (1) 3 X 1 7/8"
  3. Cut a strip of paper to attach the flip portion to card 4 X 3/4"
  4. Take the 2 X 7 1/2 scored piece and fold on the last score at 3". All scores should be visible on top.
  5. Take the 4 X 3/4 and adhere the short edge of the folded piece 2 X 7 1/2 piece to it, centering on the smaller piece to form a T.
  6. Stamp your images on the 2 x 2 squares and mat on the 2 1/4 X 2 1/4 squares
  7. Stamp the verse on the 1 1/2 X 1 1/2 squares with the end line being stamped on the 1 7/8 X 3 piece
  8. Fold the 7 1/2 X 2 piece on the scored lines. Take the matted squares and adhere in order on the 1/2" scored sections
  9. Adhere verses to the back of the matted squares
  10. Take the T piece and center it on the background cardstock and attach each side with mini brads, eyelets, or strong tape. Mat background on to cardstock and to open card pull the flap and card will open in a flowing motion.


Although we get frazzled at times around the holidays, it is a special time to count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.
  • My blessings this year include: My darling husband for without him, I wouldn't know where I would be, my great friends who support me and provide me with good advice in addition to loving me the way I am, for a supportive family who puts up with my many moods, for my brother who Always says I Love you before he gets off the phone with me, for a fabulous sister in law to be and my existing in-laws, for having a great job, for my niece and nephews who always put a smile on my face, for having a home and food, for having great doctors and I am sure many more things.
Even though Thanksgiving Day has past, during this holiday season and through out your lifetime, count your blessings and it will be amazing how many you come up with. Something I need to do more often.
  • You are more blessed than you think.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Old Friends

Isn't it great when you get to spend time with friends that you haven't seen in a while?  You may talk once in a while or even everyday, but it's just not the same as seeing them in person, giving them a hug, and enjoying a wonderful conversation with them.  My dh and I were blessed with this opportunity last night and had a very nice evening...catching up, hearing their stories, sharing personal and spiritual thoughts, and enjoying a fabulous dinner.

Thank you Andy and Anne for your friendship and love.  We love you back.

"True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth and choice."
- Samuel Johnston, (1709 - 1784)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Christmas Cards Begin - CC2009.01

So, with Christmas around the corner, this crafter is way behind.  With my surgeries and workload, this year I decided to only send out a few handmade cards as opposed to my typical 150.  Yep, that's right 150 handmade cards and they aren't the same any year nor do I stick with one theme, color, stamp, etc.
With that, the unveiling of the first Christmas Card creation of 2009.
For instructions, see the address below which will guide you to my SCS gallery.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kindness of Strangers

So, this is similar to my last post in that it relates to Random Acts of Kindness.
For you crafters out there, you are aware that Michael's gives you coupons at the register when you purchase something from their stores.  Usually coupons are 40% off .  Well, my friend went to one yesterday looking for craft stuff and bumped into someone, a total stranger.  They started talking and out of the blue the stranger asked her if she would like a 40% of coupon. My friend was a little uncomfortable taking away someone else's coupons but the woman insisted as she had about 6 and was offering as many as my friend would like.  She ended up taking one and saving some money off her purchase.
Random Acts of Kindness as little as they may seem, can make a difference.  It doesn't have to be money related.  Just doing something randomly for a total stranger can bring some sunshine.
Try spreading some random acts of kindness.  It feels good.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too much Mojo

Ok, so weeks ago I had no creative juices flowing. You know what I am talking about. If you lost your MOJO, here's a good link attached to read and give you tips on getting it back. I did these things without reading this article and now I have too much MOJO (don't ask me how that is possible or tell me it is not possible, 'cause it is). The problem now is not enough time.
My new commitment....oh it every other day and make a card at least 2xs a week or scrapbook page. Yep, I said it and it's in writing so now you can hold me accountable. No more going 'MIA' for weeks. Shape up or ship out.
So, I have all theses cards made that I have to upload but thought boy, I also have to upload my scrapbooking pages. So much to little time.
Do you ever have too much mojo???

Artist with Big Heart

Do you ever stop and think how blessed you ways that you don't even know?  Through the kindness of one stranger, your day can change in an instant. 
This adorable card I received from a fellow SCS (splitcoaststamper) who found out from a friend of mine (unbeknown st to me), that I was needing surgery and feeling kinda mopey. I am recovering from that surgery and am having another in January. 
Anyways, a complete stranger took it upon herself to send me a thinking of you card to cheer me up on a day I really needed it. 
Thanks Nancy for the request. 
Thank you Peggy for sending the great card. I can't find you on SC but hope you find me so you get your well deserved 'Thanks'. I love it. 
This is why SCS is so great. Artists with big hearts.