Monday, February 25, 2013

Back in time - 20 years

If you could go back in time would you?  If you could go back 20 years, would you make the same choices..the same mistakes?  Where would you be?  What would you be doing?  Who would you be?

I've given thought to this before and decided I would make the same choices.....mistakes and all.  Even though I went through pain in the past, my past has made me who I am now.  My past has allowed me to appreciate the important things in life.  My past has shaped the way I look at the world.  My past has made me wiser.  My past has made me a stronger person.  My past is part of me,  gotten me to where I am now and has brought me many blessings.

Accept your past and count your blessings for you don't know who you wouldn't have now if you had made different choices.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

We're Almost Live

I don't think I have brought this up before in my posts.  My husband and I have been on an adoption journey on and off for quite some time now.  We started the process awhile back and for one reason or another had to pause and pick it up later.

Well, we are back in the process.  We had another support group seminar yesterday and received more information.  Unless you have been through the process of an open adoption, you have no idea the amount of information there is to think about and remember for that call, that email, and the 'Meet'.  We are almost 'live' meaning that we are very close to having our 'Dear Birthmother Letter' and associated pictures ok'd so we can have our information put into a beautiful and creative template, uploaded to the special website, have our 'brochures' (for lack of a better word) printed.  To market yourself to a prospective birthmother so that you are lucky to be picked to be the adoptive parent(s) to a beautiful angel is so difficult.  Why would a prospective birthmother pick us rather than another family?  A stranger can't know how much love you have in your heart until they get to know you for a while.  Thanks to open adoption my husband and I will have the time to get to know the birthmother and hopefully the birthfather so that both will know just how loved their baby will be.  I guess we just have to have faith.

Well, as I said we are almost live and my husband and I waiting to hear 'You are good to go!'

If you want to know more about open adoption or other adoption services, check out the adoption links at the right... Chicago Area Families for Adoption and Independent Adoption Center.

Be patient.  Your dreams will come true in due time.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sunday, October 2, 2011

1000 Member Party - Check it out!

New Challenge and New Beginnings

I know I haven't posted for a while but I am back! So here I first entry in a year. Wow! I can't believe it's been a year but I guess time does fly. Anyway, I digress.

So my first entry will include a challenge with prizes to add to your stamp or crafting collection. I will also be including a new card I created on a separate post today.
is where the challenge is located with opportunities to have fun and possibly win prizes. Good luck and Have Fun!

Monday, March 14, 2011


Some people like surprises others do not. I tend to not like surprises. I like structure. I like plans. Surprises can be good or bad or even mixed. Of late, I have had a few surprises, mostly good even though they started as bad or could have led to bad.

What do you do when you receive information that is not complete? Or you receive a surprise (possibility) of life threatening news? Do you begin to worry? Do you start to pray? Do you accept things as they are, dealing with things as they come? Or, do you jump to acceptance without going through all the phases of grief? Now remember, you don't have all the information yet. You just know something is wrong. Your doctor gives you unclear information because it could be so many things and in today's day and age, they cover themselves by disclosing everything just so they don't get sued. Meanwhile, you are praying, confused, angry, accepting, denying and so many other possibilities. No matter how we react, we react in our own way.

Surprises...I can do without, unless of course it's good news.

Hope you receive some good surprises.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Friendship & Love

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love.
-- Hubert Humphrey

I have not felt well for some time now and have had a myriad of tests to try and find out what is wrong.  As you know, feeling ill is not fun.  Feeling ill and seeing serious specialists is less fun.  Waiting on tests results can really test your patience and your faith at times.  During all this, there are at least two things that can help you through it, and friendship.  I am very blessed to have both.

I am very blessed that both my family (including extended) and my husband's family care and love me.  I don't think I understood this until now.  I mean, I know my family loves me.  I know my husband's family cares about me, but love????  Well, people show love in many ways and at different times.  They are very kind and generous people but we have never been close.  We see each other for holidays, birthdays but rarely for no reason.  I'm going to see what I can do about that.

During my scare, my husband's family...each member, reached out to me personally.  How are you doing?  What have the doctors said?  What tests have they run?  When will they know more?  These were the questions my husband and I found ourselves answering, typical questions.  I guess what makes me feel loved during all this is that each one of them took the time to ask about me and listen and extend help in any way.

Over the last 4 weeks, I have missed a lot of days from work for tests or pain.  I am new in the department and the last thing I wanted was to have this impede my performance.  Each day I called my boss to communicate my status.  Each day he said to focus on getter better and work can be re-distributed if need be.  And then, I started getting calls and emails from people at work asking how I was doing and if there was anything they could do for me.  People who only knew me for 5 months.  On one of those calls, I broke down and started crying.  I was scared.  My co-worker on the other line stayed with me.  She listened.  She didn't interrupt.  She lifted me up and gave me the strength to make it through the rest of the day at home. She did this all while she was at work.  That is how much she cared.  That is how lucky I am.  That is how blessed I am.

I returned to work this last Friday and had more people come up to me and inquire about my health.  They were happy to see me but wanted to make sure I didn't over do it and have a relapse.

Even as I am writing this now, I still can't believe how blessed I am to have so much but most importantly love and friendship.  I guess I need to count my blessings more often.