Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Long Awaited Hope Still Waiting

This is the first you may have heard that my dh and I are going through the adoption process.   Yipee!  Finally a child.  Well, if you have ever gone through the process or know of anyone who has, it is a LONG process (no pun intended).  We were set on an international adoption specifically from Colombia, as that is where I am from.  Are plans have been changed by fate, destiny, God.  We were not accepted into the program for Colombia or any other Latin American country for reasons that I do not want to disclose here.  So, we have decided to go the domestic route.  Maybe we were meant to save a child here in the states.  Maybe we were meant to have a baby and enjoy that experience if only once in our lifetime.  Maybe we weren't meant to be parents of a sibling group.  Whatever the reason, this is where we are at now.  We have options and will begin to explore those options. I still hang onto my dream of being a mommy.  And, I am waiting with lots of hope.
Hoping I will hold a little creation (baby or child) of my own someday.
For you moms out there, count your blessings everyday.  No matter how frustrated or tired you may get, thank God for your precious babies.