Sunday, February 24, 2013

We're Almost Live

I don't think I have brought this up before in my posts.  My husband and I have been on an adoption journey on and off for quite some time now.  We started the process awhile back and for one reason or another had to pause and pick it up later.

Well, we are back in the process.  We had another support group seminar yesterday and received more information.  Unless you have been through the process of an open adoption, you have no idea the amount of information there is to think about and remember for that call, that email, and the 'Meet'.  We are almost 'live' meaning that we are very close to having our 'Dear Birthmother Letter' and associated pictures ok'd so we can have our information put into a beautiful and creative template, uploaded to the special website, have our 'brochures' (for lack of a better word) printed.  To market yourself to a prospective birthmother so that you are lucky to be picked to be the adoptive parent(s) to a beautiful angel is so difficult.  Why would a prospective birthmother pick us rather than another family?  A stranger can't know how much love you have in your heart until they get to know you for a while.  Thanks to open adoption my husband and I will have the time to get to know the birthmother and hopefully the birthfather so that both will know just how loved their baby will be.  I guess we just have to have faith.

Well, as I said we are almost live and my husband and I waiting to hear 'You are good to go!'

If you want to know more about open adoption or other adoption services, check out the adoption links at the right... Chicago Area Families for Adoption and Independent Adoption Center.

Be patient.  Your dreams will come true in due time.