Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too much Mojo

Ok, so weeks ago I had no creative juices flowing. You know what I am talking about. If you lost your MOJO, here's a good link attached to read and give you tips on getting it back. I did these things without reading this article and now I have too much MOJO (don't ask me how that is possible or tell me it is not possible, 'cause it is). The problem now is not enough time.
My new commitment....oh it every other day and make a card at least 2xs a week or scrapbook page. Yep, I said it and it's in writing so now you can hold me accountable. No more going 'MIA' for weeks. Shape up or ship out.
So, I have all theses cards made that I have to upload but thought boy, I also have to upload my scrapbooking pages. So much to little time.
Do you ever have too much mojo???