Sunday, December 6, 2009

Copy Kat???

Ok, so many of you know that I make handmade cards and have so many I should sell some of these. I am thinking about it but not there just yet.
Anyway, anytime a SCS swap comes through, I consider it carefully for a couple of reasons. First, do I need more cards?...Always. Are the participants using high quality paper and excellent stampers (comes with time unless you are a natural (which I am not))? Do I have time???? This is usually a no. Once in a while regardless of time, I fit in a swap or two. Well, this is #2 with 2 more to go.
So, here's is the story. I read the directions to the swap and thought I understood them which in too many cases I think I do but read through the instructions so darn quick that I miss something. Boy did I miss on this one. You see, the swap was very simple. All I had to do was create a card (copy) from the Clean and Simple gallery or something similar to that and make a slight twist on that. Pretty simple, right?
Instead, I go through the process of creating a card from scratch similar to one I saw elsewhere but very detailed. Not Simple but Clean. I spent about 2 hours working on my sample card and got sooo frustrated I stopped, went back to the swap instructions and realized...."you silly fool, you are making the wrong card." "You did not follow instructions at all." Well, at this point with all my craft stuff out, I made the correct swap card. I have attached it here for you.
I have since found out that the other card I made can be used in another swap that is - Cuttlebug related with stamping. Not a loss after all...but wait that means that it would be swap #5. Ok, I think I am getting in over my head. So much fun though. :)
Here is Swap # 2 or is it #3 at this point?