Saturday, December 12, 2009

One person at a time....

At this time of year, you hear so much about giving back but do we just listen or actually do something about it?
I heard a great radio story on CNN today about a principal in Vegas who had a large population of homeless kids in her school. These kids live in the blanket tents they have talked about in the news, they barely have food to eat, or clothes to wear. Some children were getting by eating catsup packets. Catsup you believe that? The principal made it her job to run a campaign year round to help these families have food, clothes and toys for birthdays or Christmas. One person at a time changing the world. That is all it takes.
Then of course you hear about the number of homeless in this country, the number of children that go to bed hungry... here in the most advanced country in the world, the number of people who can't pay their gas, their water, their mortgages. One person at a time can make a change there. Whether it's donating to a food pantry, dropping off clothes at a shelter, paying a little extra in your gas bill for those whose gas may be shut off. How about donating your time if you can't donate your money? Work with Habitat for Humanity, help at a food pantry, deliver meals through Meals on Wheels, visit an elder home and spend holiday time with a resident, adopt a pet for the holidays if you can't keep him/her (but you'll come around and start loving them so quickly, you can't turn them in after Christmas), volunteer opportunities abound!
I will be donating my time to file tax returns for low income families through the center for economic development. I have gone through my closets once and will go through them again before the holiday season is over. I have coats and shoes to give. I have my donation pile waiting until I get paid to see what little we can do. Making a change one person at a time.
It all makes me stop and think 'How lucky am I Lord...for I have a roof over my head, food on my table, clothes on my back, light and heat in my house, a job, a supportive family'. Thank you Lord.
Not only during Thanksgiving or the Holidays should we be giving thanks but all year round.
Count your Blessings and Give Back.
One person at a time can make a difference!