Monday, August 17, 2009

Creating for Others

One knows from daily life that one exists for other people...” Albert Einstein (1879–1955) Swiss
This quote can apply to all of us as we give unto others and make little differences unknowingly.  These small acts of kindness create happiness and bring joy into someone else's garden (life). A small token as helping someone out when they are down on their luck makes a difference.  No thank you is needed if done out of purity.
By the same token, others around us, even a total stranger can create a smile on our face by just making a kind remark, doing something silly, or creating a better world out of kindness.  Think about all the times this quote has applied to you and the times someone existed for you.
This week, let's focus on bringing joy into someone else's garden.  Create joy and happiness for someone else without an expectation of a thank you.  And, if someone creates a better world for you, let them know it.