Saturday, August 29, 2009

Life awaits

Well, another summer has come and gone (almost) and I haven't learned to ride my bike.  I know it is never too late but for this summer or fall it is.  Why does it feel like every time I want to learn, something happens that prevents me from doing so??? Weird.  Such a dream waiting to come true.
With my car accident and the surgeries, I am banned from learning to ride this season.  My beautiful bike is in the garage.  I see it every day.  I see the cyclists in the neighborhood, on the paths....aaaaahhh.  How nice it would be.  
Well, I'll have to find something else I can learn to do where I won't injure my hand.  Maybe, just maybe, I will take swimming lessons this winter, but don't bet money on it.  I'm scared of swimming pools.
Don't let my setback discourage you.  Learn to do something new, take a class you have been longing to take.  Life awaits!